Tuesday, 21 September 2010

We Are On

Episode 1 of We Three Kings is up now.
In this show we tackle London, sharing thoughts and anecdotes about our adopted home, as well as discussing sex education and queues.  Frankie Gallows drops by with a generous dose of giddy filth,  Morris gets his quote of the month, London Records are played and all of this is rounded up by a rap off about the London Underground.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

We Have Lift Off

Hello and welcome to the blog for 'We Three Kings'.

We Three Kings is a monthly show for London fields Radio where some right royal idiots discuss topics and themes fit for a Burger King.    Join Vusi, aspiring stand-up comedian, check him out here, his old friend Gerard and their producer Sarah as they shamble up a radio show once a month.

Expect some classic features including; The Small Morris quote of the day,  Vusi and Gerard's Topical Rap-Off, some choice music and regular guest Frankie Gallows.

Check back to the blog for Episode 1 coming soon as well as regular updates and news that you'll never need to know.